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How do I find the Right modelling Agency for my Child?

Do your research. 

Look for the success records, past projects, who did they work with in the past – clients like Next, John Lewis are always a bonus. Personal recommendations are the best – so ask your friends or family.

Check out their social networks like Instagram, read the comments and their reviews.

It is very important to decide what type of agency you prefer – Sole or Non-sole.

Sole agency – you will only be allowed to have one agency.

Non-sole agencies allow you to be represented by other agencies as well.

Please be aware of any agencies that ask you for a large deposit/money upfront or offer you an excessively large portfolio. Sadly, there are a lot of scammer agencies out there, so please be careful – research, research, research! Also, do get in touch – happy to advise you on known scammer agencies. 

Search for Top Modelling Agencies for Kids in the UK.

Cost of modelling agencies

Do not pay out £1000s! 

Some agencies might charge a small fee upfront (between £60-£150, some might include photos). If they do ask for more, please do your research!

Many agencies do not charge any fee until your child gets a paid photoshoot with them. They will also give you a contract with regards to the fees and charges. 

Once you are are signed up with an agency, you might want to join the casting directory called Spotlight. There is a charge of around £100 per child over the age of four. Photos of your child will be entered onto the system and the agency will submit your child’s profile to suitable roles.  


Be prepared to travel around!

Most of the agencies are based in London, some are in Manchester. 

During the Covid times – most of the castings are done online and the children are often asked to prepare Self-tapes. There are loads of online instructions on how to do this – but the  main things to watch out for are: good light, clear sound, tidy background,  suitable content and plenty of personality. 

services of a
professional photographer

If you decide to take photos of  your own child, make sure they are well lit, with tidy background, natural light is the best, minimise the shadows. None or very natural make up for older girls. Take photos  of Face, Head & Shoulders and Full Body Length. Hair up, hair down. Some smiley, some serious. Show your child’s personality and variety. 

If  you decide to use the services of a professional photographer – I would be very happy to help. 

Get in touch and we will discuss your needs.

All the photos shown in this Blog were taken by me!

I am also very reasonable, my prices start from £75 per 5 digital photos per child. 

Top Modelling Agencies for Kids in the UK

Happy to add other great agencies - let me know please!

Please do look up your favourite agency on Instagram and contact them to see if they are right for you.

Final words of wisdom

Modelling is awesome, really exciting fun for your child – they will get to meet a lot of new people and visit many places. They will have great memories and lovely photos to keep. It is also a great idea to open up a saving account for your child. 

Applying for the agencies can be hard, your child might not be accepted straight away, so keep trying. 

Once your child is accepted – Congratulations! – be prepared to be flexible. You are often given a short notice for the castings or the photoshoots. Your child might be shortlisted for a photoshoot and then dropped last minute on the day – if the plans change or your child wasn’t issued a license fast enough. There is an element of competition at the castings, the agencies will only choose the children that fulfill their brief. Do not be dissapointed – try again! You often have to travel far and wait for hours. But you get a chance to chat to others and pick up some good hints and tips.

Modelling can be a positive and an amazing experience, so enjoy it! Good luck.

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