Snow winter family photographs

Snowy winter family photographs
in Hilly Fields park Enfield

I am an Enfield Photographer,
happy to travel across London
and Hertfordshire

Snowy winter family photographs in Hilly Fields park

Kids are loving the snow! Here in Enfield, in North London, the children have been given a snow day and they are truly enjoying it.

It is a cold day, but they don’t mind…Running around in the snow, playing snow games, sledging, throwing snowballs – they are having a blast! It is so much fun! Hilly Fields is perfect & it does the job – as it’s name suggests – it is hilly and the kids can slide down the hill as much as they please. Fun, fun, fun continues for sometime…

We are close to the end..The energy is running low, it is time to go home. Children can hardly walk, they are so exhausted from all the snow activities. But so worth it!

Snow, thank you for giving us such a brilliant day – the children’s lovely rosy cheeks speak for themselves. xx

If you would like your family day recorded in a similar style – starting from having your breakfast to going out to the park, watching your children play football, following a family meal or visiting the grandparents -the options are endless. Now it is time to contact me. I photograph families in posed and mainly unposed style, capturing the real “Day in a Life” sessions – to help you remember life as you know it. Get in touch, I would love to discuss your ideas.

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Capturing memories of your special wedding day – real, raw, unposed moments are the one you will remember the most. 



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