Personal Brand Photography

Sammy Sleep Nanny

Sammy is

a Sleep Nanny -
Baby & Child Sleep Consultant,

based in Enfield, North London and operating Worldwide

Sammy is the founder of Sammy Sleep Nanny.

Visibility is the key

Do your photos tell the story of your business in a professional manner?

Your images are as important as your products and services, because they are the first thing people see.

Sammy is local to Enfield, North London. We did her Personal Brand Photoshoot at her home, which is also her home office.

I took the photos of Sammy working on her computer, reading a book, drinking a cup to tea, some headshots and many others. Sammy has also changed her outfits a few times. 

I believe that every Photoshoot is personal. The connection I have with clients will determine how the photos will look at the end. I talk to the clients prior to the photoshoot – to understand their needs.  

If you would like to connect with Sammy – you can find her website here

or on her Instagram

Baby and child sleep consultant

Sammy Sleep Nanny

can help you with some of the common sleep challenges:

  • Bedtime settling

  • Nap struggles and transitions

  • Rocking/holding/feeding to sleep

  • Ditching the dummy

  • Frequent night waking

  • Bed hopping

  • Early rising

  • Transitioning to a big bed

  • Night weaning

  • Moving out of parents room

  • Co-sleeping

Please get in touch with Sammy to book a free chat to talk over your goals via her email:

What is the Personal Brand Photography?

Personal Brand Photography is a relatively new aspect of visual branding.  It is a mix of:

*Headshots/Bio Photos – people like to buy from people – make your face visible.

*Lifestyle photos – to tell your story – what is your brand, your business – who are you and what do you do “action photos” 

*Flatlays/product photos – mix of your products and branded items, your brand colours – presented in the “birds point of view” – great for Instagram and similar platforms. 

"Thank you so so much I love the photos and really appreciate the time you spent with me during the shoot and after on the pictures themselves."
Samantha Engel
Sammy Sleep Nanny

If you are a Business owner, Entrepreneur or Blogger – photos are one of the key points of your business.

It is an investment for your and your business        (and an expense on you accountancy sheet).

 Get in touch to discuss your needs via or via my contact form.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours,Mira


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