How to become a model.


How to become a model.
Top 10 Tips to look good in modelling headshots. And other related information. Please read below!

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If you are a wannabe model, you might be wondering what type of photos to submit to the modelling agencies.

Here are some tips to make sure you get it right when it comes to photos and your general appearance.

  1. Your clothes – wear something simple – pair of jeans and a t-shirt is perfect – the agency will be looking at you, not your clothes. Do not wear baggy oversized clothes or fur.
  2. Make up – keep it to minimum – the agency will want to see the real you. Wear a very basic make up – bit of mascara and bronzer will do. Read about the Top tips on Make up here. 
  3. Hairstyle – the agency wants to see your hair – wash it and style in a natural way. It is good to have a photo with hair down and hair pulled back to show off your face. Preferably without the extensions.
  4. Posing – keep posing simple and elegant.
  5. Headshots – you should submit a full body shot and some headshots – one smiling, one not smiling and some face profiles. For all of you based in London, I am currently offering the modelling headshots – you will get 5-6 photos of a full body and different headshots – all at the great price of £45 (no tricks, no other hidden charges), check out
  6. Make sure it is only you in the photos – and ensure the background is plain. Do not include children, friends and crazy party background in your photos.

  7. Never submits nude photos. You can include a swimsuit shot but keep the posing to minimum.

  8. When it comes to choosing the agency where you submit your photos – make sure the agency is reputable. Do your research online. Some agencies will charge you an annual fee, some will take back the fee once you start working. Be aware of some agencies – they will invite you in for the photo shoot that will cost you £100’s and you are not guaranteed any work!
  9. Before you send the photos to the agency – make sure the agency accepts your particular type (male, female models). Address each agency individually – never send out a generic email. Make sure you include all the relevant information in the email – your name, address, phone number, email address, what other agencies are currently representing you. Do include your age, height, and shoe size. Women need to include bust, waist, and hip measurement. Men should include chest size and waist.
  10. Once you send your photos and all the information off, make sure you check your Spam email regularly and set up your voicemail if you cannot always pick up the phone.
And do not forget – if you really want to become a model – the first impressions are everything. It is important you look your best and come across professional. 

And if the first agency rejects you – do not get disheartened! The agencies are often looking for a diverse set of models, you may not just fit their model requirements right now! Want to become a model? Keep trying.

Good luck xx Mira

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