House of Ikons Children's Fashion Show

House of Ikons London Children's Fashion show February 2020 brought fashion and creativity from around the world under one roof.

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    House of Ikons London Children’s Fashion show February 2020 brought fashion and creativity from around the world under one roof.

This season was held over two days with Sunday dedicated to children’s fashion.

Quote from our CEO Savita Kaye (via email); ‘This season highlighted beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for ALL regardless of ethnicity, size, shape and sexual orientation; as everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the HERE & NOW!! Everyone has that right and we will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes… we are still a small drop in this BIG OCEAN… But we will continue to create a storm and bring beauty and creativity to who ever you are, where ever you are, from around the world.

House of Ikons is looking to show the best in creativity around the world DURING prestigious London Fashion Week; pushing boundaries to the next level.

iKonc Kids Fashion Sunday 16th February 2020
Segment One: 12.30pm
1. GRAND OPENING: Be Unique Be You
2. Siblingz Fashion
3. Triple D
4. KK Clothing
5. GRAND FINALE: Ethnicroyals
Segment Two: 3.00pm
1. GRAND OPENING: Korn Taylor
2. Adriana Ostrowska – Dance Wear
3. Athea Couture
4. iKonic Kidz Fashion
5. GRAND FINALE: Princess Ford
Segment Three: 5.30pm
1. GRAND OPENING: Adriana Ostrowska
2. Athea Couture
3. Dis is Me Couture
4. Royalty Couture Fashion
5. Models Wardrobe
6. GRAND FINALE: Love Collection by Emily & Anna

It was a fabulous show and if you missed out, look out for the next Fashion Show, hopefully in September 2020!

If you would like to purchase any of the photos ( there are many more available) get in touch and email me 

Thank you.

Capturing memories  – real, raw, unposed moments are the one you will remember the most. 



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