Family outdoor fun with the balloons in the local Enfield park.

Family outdoor fun with the balloons in the local Enfield park, captured by a family documentary photographer in London.

One morning in December we discovered that cheeky “Elf on the shelf” filled our shower cubicle with loads of balloons (over 100 hundred). We stored them in a spare bedroom for a couple of days. What else can you do with 100 balloons – the room was full!.

Finally, a few days later we decided to take them out to a local park and have some fun with them. Also, we kind of had to as we needed the room back.

The weather was perfect. Allmost no wind and luckily no rain! Loading the car seemed like a great challenge, we almost did not fit in!

It did not take long and we arrived at our local park in Enfield – called Hillyfields. We come here a lot in summer. Many concerts and fun events are organised around the Bandstand on a regular basis. This time it was very quiet and very empty.

Next task was to take the balloons out of the car. Only just we managed to carry them to the middle of the park! Finally, we opened the bags to let the balloons fly away…. At least that’s what we thought will happen.

As there was no wind – they got stuck to the ground. So much to the kids happiness. They could catch them, throw them, kick them and move them around. Almost instantly they found out that they could burst the balloons by jumping up and down – and so they did.

Within what seemed like only a short while, they pop them all. Probably most fun they had in a long time. Finally, we picked up all what was left of the balloons and decided to head for home.

In conclusion, this  idea  has turned into a lot of fun. Another day gone, but certainly a memorable one. Above all, the park visit, the balloon fun - all of it was recorded in no-intrusive way. Children weren't forced to pose, they enjoyed themselves and in addition, we have memories of our lovely afternoon recorded for life.

Capturing memories of your family – real, raw, unposed moments you will remember forever.  Enfield Family Photographer.                                                             North London Photographer.





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